Heath Arrangement

A positive approach to a young person’s health is one of the things we strive for and guarantee at Acorn Lodge. On admission a health check will be completed and any further action necessary will be supported and auctioned.

All medical consent forms would be signed by those who have parental responsibility for the young people and held on file.

Awareness, understanding and advice will also be sought regarding Children Act 1989 Vol.4. Residential care 1:100 p.21 that refers to children 16 years of age and over should, in general, be entrusted with the retention and administration of their own medication and be provided with a secure place to keep medication.


  • Daily observations of the young person through day to day care.
  • Physical and sexual health needs addressed by appropriate agencies.
  • Monitoring individual developmental progress.
  • Healthy and varied menu.
  • Education on issues such as; alcohol and substance abuse, HIV and AIDS.
  • Storage of medication in a locked cabinet as required through NMS.
  • Training in relation to health issues for the staff team.


  • Treatment of illness and accidents.
  • Quick response and action to all health issues that may arise.
  • Reporting of illness.
  • Maintain links with current GP, Dentist and Optician if distance allows – in cases where this is not possible registration with new services to be completed during admission process within the local vicinity.
  • Young people to have some choice of GP (gender).
  • Permission for medicals & routine treatment will be sought from parents or those with parental responsibility.
  • Recording the administration of medicine and ensuring that all medication is stored in a locked cabinet and counted.