R.O.A.D Programme

Realities, Opportunities, Actions, Decisions

(An Agenda for Empowering and Enabling Care Leavers (15-18) into Society)


Acorn Homes will work with those young people who have experienced the care system, who are taking their first, real steps, into the world of self management and who need further guidance and support into the ‘Real Deal’ – life after the ‘system’.

Delivered within a real living environment and using community resources, the key aims of the programme will be to enhance the content of the Pathway Plan through nurture, instruction and training via a life skills curriculum containing activities that encourages and motivates young men and women into taking action. Action that is planned, safe and secure – Action that has considered the consequences. Action that recognises the acceptance that community solidarity is achieved through interdependence.

Acorn Homes R.O.A.D programme is delivered by qualified, experienced staff who will work to see the outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda realised.road