Consulting YP

It is our aim to try to make sure that young people are properly looked after during their stay and that nothing happens that is wrong or unfair. Because of this we want young people to tell us about their experiences whilst at Acorn Homes. We aim to make all of our young experiences positive, helpful, meaningful and exciting.

Each week, the young people will gather together with a number of staff. This meeting will be planned and things the young people may want to discuss will be put down on an agenda.

However, there may be occasions where, if there were something wrong, a young person would feel uncomfortable to discuss it in a group. In this situation the young person can ask to speak to any member of staff including the Responsible Person or the Managing Director of Acorn Homes.

This may involve letting Acorn Homes know if anybody, staff or other young person, is saying or doing things that are wrong or is making the young person feel uncomfortable or angry.

It may also be that something has happened to the young person in the past; something that the young person now thinks was wrong or is worrying. The young person can also talk to us about this and we will try to sort it out collaboratively with the young person.

Sometimes, but not always, we may need to get help from others. The young person will be told that certain things cannot be kept a secret and, once told, we must discuss with others. If what the young person has told us cannot easily be sorted out, or is serious, they will be offered help to put their concerns in writing.  If people such as the Home manager cannot sort it out, the young person’s complaint will go to the Responsible Person.

  • They will investigate and reply to the young person in less than 28 days.
  • They may ask someone who is nothing to do with Acorn Lodge to be available to talk to the young person

Sometimes after talking with the young person we may think that only by telling the young person’s Local Authority can the problem be tackled and that together we would talk with them. Young people will always have access to a telephone, where they can make calls in private.  We will also provide a list of helpful contact numbers.