Organisational Structure

Organisational: The Registered Manager reports to Acorn Children’s Home Ltd.

Staffing: The staffing structure at Acorn Homes is as follows:


  • Directors &Operations Manager
  • Registered Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Shift Leaders
  • Residential Support Workers

The staffing deployment allows for handover meetings, team meetings and training. All members of staff at Acorn Homes receive a comprehensive induction and training guide, in line with National Minimum Standards core training list. External agencies will also provide additional training in specialist areas and a full training matrix, detailing staff training, is available on the staff board in the staff office.

At Acorn Homes we provide a gender balance amongst the staff group. All staff will be required to share various responsibilities, which will be free of gender stereotyping and will be expected to act and behave as positive role models for the young people.

Knowledge of cultural diversities, acceptance of cultural pluralism, and recognition of the need for integration on everyone’s part and not assimilation on the part of the minority, are all the essential elements of the ongoing employee training programme.

At Acorn Homes we have a supervision policy and all employees receive regular supervision, which, for new employees is fortnightly whilst on probation, then on a monthly basis after successful completion of their probationary period. However, should additional supervision meetings need to take place, this will be managed accordingly.