Aims & Objectives

Provide a warm, safe, stable & nurturing environment where each young person is able to develop & have their individual needs addressed; cultural, emotional, spiritual, educational & social – In a positive & progressive manner.

By a clearly defined care plan underpinned by a realistic 24hr curriculum which is supported by comprehensive Behaviour Risk Plans and Risk Assessments.

Give first priority to the welfare of our young people, to achieve this we will access external agencies also.

By each young person having a bespoke support package focusing on issues identified in their individual portfolio of needs, we work in a multi agency manner which will enable all parties involved to access and review areas in development.

Reduce the risk of drifting, invisibility and lack of cultural heritage that young people can experience through their time in care.

By looking at developing self awareness; Managing feelings, decision making, managing stress, personal responsibility, self concept, empathy, communication, group dynamics and conflict resolution, this enables the young person to transfer these skills into family and community life, helping the young person to live a successful, happy adult life.

In instances where no suitable education provision is available, we offer support in all areas (emotionally, socially and also transportation etc) within the education provision. This is done by working alongside other professionals in order to allow the young person to meet their maximum academic potential.

Through our exemplary contact support package and positive working relationships with families. Work effectively and collaboratively in partnership with all who are involved in the care plan for the young person. By providing regular progress reports, social worker visits and Multi Agency Meetings that will be held on a bi monthly basis.

Through meeting and supporting the emotional needs, physical needs and mental health needs of a young person on a daily basis through everyday working practices. A full varied diet will be available to all young people and young people will be supported and encouraged in accessing leisure facilities that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Where appropriate we will research and support involvement with voluntary service agencies and community action groups. Develop a level of independence and personal responsibility to be effective in today’s society.

Individually designing a care package based around the abilities of the young person this helps their confidence to flourish and could lead to them trying new skills which could help them later on in life. This is achieved by consulting the young person in all the areas so they understand the rationale behind the work that has been set out.

By providing an environment for young people in which they can assess themselves realistically and determine their own options alongside a structured learning package will help the young people develop the skills needed for adulthood.